About Train Your Traders

We are a team of developers, marketing and platform experts who, after reviewing the quality and price of forex education on the market and implementing competitor’s products at previous brokerages we worked at, decided to create a new professional educational product that reflects the industry’s needs today, in multiple languages and at affordable monthly prices.

Educational Platform

Our trader’s education focuses on the popular MT4 and MT5 Platforms, and can be implemented into your trader’s room or client area. Alongside our MetaTrader series, we also provide animated videos that teach traders all about the forex market, fundamentals, and technical analysis in depth.

There are multiple ways in which to educate your clients with our product – MT4/MT5 Videos – recorded directly on the Platform in each individual language, Audio books – that your traders can listen to whilst practicing trading on the platform at the same time, or E Books – that they can read at their own leisure on any device.

Quality Training

Our team hold advanced CySEC Certificates and keep up with regulatory authorities worldwide, so our product can be easily adapted to cater for regulated brokers and their clients.

Our education videos come fully branded with your logo and colours, and we also supply branded widgets for your affiliates to be able to attract more clients to your brokerage.

We created our forex education so you can attract, convert, and retain clients, while helping them to succeed on the markets.




Use our forex videos for your campaigns by creating landing pages with our widgets. Enable your affiliates to place open videos on their websites with call-to-actions to register with you. Put an education page on your website to show your commitment to your trader’s education. Blog or write articles offering MT4 and MT5 education for free. The marketing opportunities you can take advantage of when providing such a service are infinite.

When you offer free forex videos, it’s easy to convert and retain clients. It’s absolutely essential as a brokerage nowadays to show your clients that you want them to learn how to trade and how to succeed. It’s vital you provide forex learning materials for clients who have become dormant, or clients you notice that are failing. By providing education for your traders, you keep them from going to the FX company next door – they’ll stay loyal to you as they see you care. We created our product with the benefits of the trader in mind – but we also took into consideration the many benefits and opportunities for a brokerage

We can create customized videos or projects upon request, and can add any language you need.

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